Daintree Residence Jurong Central Business District

As the development of a nation progressive towards its goal, with increase number of people joining into the side it is important to create facilities and living space for each and every one so residential blocks a must for today. People not only want a place to live in but they also want the basic necessities and demands at ease so it is important not only to build a residential block worth living but also residential Block near to all the facilities at a walk away distance. With this Moto Daintree residence, is being planned to set up in the Jurong East region next to the Beauty World MRT. The soon to be Masterpiece is being architected by the Builder Giant of Malaysia that is SP Setia. Daintree Residence Jurong is close to the Jurong East Region and the Jurong Central Business District.

Daintree Residence Jurong Central Business District

As many as 325 luxurious homes our plan to be built with all the facilities that a city personal needs to have. This article is aimed to portray the varieties and facilities along with the overview of the building to be developed in the Jurong East region by the Toh tuck Road. Also the residents will have all the other facilities that other residential complexes provide to their clients such as clubs etc.

Saying it in short the Builder you can trust is SP Setia International, they have major contributions in the development of other parts in Malaysia and also have established their presence in international countries like Malaysia Vietnam and many others where they have developed buildings that have been totally sold out until now hence when comes to perfection you can rely upon them and also they have a strong in to be the best in the world and are doing everything in there hands to achieve it as quick as possible. Apart from this they are also interested in a long lasting relationship between the customers and also I’m to provide all the top class facilities today clients and ensuring the well being of them.

When it comes to this specific Condo they are planning they have made sure that everything is at our hands access to the client and they have tried their level best to provide facilities that will be unmatchable in the near future. Some of the attractions places around the current residential are listed below.

Daintree Residence by S P Setia International Jurong

When it comes to residing in a place what’s better than having the most valued shopping mall right next to you at a few minutes walking distance. Beauty World Centre started in 1984 and is home for variety of top brands like McDonalds and other such a luxury which are famous in that area. So the daily life and shopping life need not be given special attention as they can be done as and at will.

The items which cannot be purchased at Beauty World Centre doesn’t mean that they are not available for you they will surely be available at the bukit timah shopping centre. It is a Singapore is one of the first fully air conditioned shopping centres providing various sources for eatery and pubs to enjoy at will.

Daintree Residence Toh Tuck Road Near to Jurong

This is a popular Polytechnic suffering about 9 different courses in which you can enrol hence going to college is easier than going to park or equal to going to the shopping centre right next to the residence. Being one of the Pioneer Institute they also offer Overseas exposure which is good for the development of your kid and Secure his future in a brighter way then the conventional institutes where only materialistic acknowledge is provided and not much exposure is given to the kids due to which they end up being shy.

The MRT station connects the residence to the rest of the world and is near to the residence enhancing the transportation facilities here. So this residence is a good place to live if you have daily needs of transportation.

Being a residence it is not only important to provide luxurious facilities inside the homes but also it is equally important to connect the residence to the rest of the world and this is the main reason for why the diantree residence will be the choice of tomorrow as it is at the centre and at hands distance from each of the attraction points depicted above. So it is a good investment if you look for your better future and cosy life.

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