Lake Life EC by Evia Real Estate

The upcoming EC in Tengah, Evergreen Forest Town, is set to pioneer nature-themed metropolis living. It will bring residents closer to nature through a nature-themed urban environment, guided by the Smart HDB Town Framework. Smart Living features such as automated waste collection and smart energy management are integrated seamlessly into the Evergreen Forest Town theme. The EC will also incorporate smart technologies such as automated water heaters and waste-water treatment systems.

In the Copen Grand EC Tender, City Developments Limit and MCL Land have both bid for the same project. Both companies are well-established developers, with decades of experience in residential development. The bid for this project is $400.3 million, or $6,492 per square meter. When fully developed, the project will have 42,000 units, a ten-storey podium, and a sports complex. The project will also be built within the existing primary schools.

The project has several benefits. It is expected to include a future car-free option and a waterfront promenade. It will be accessible by public transportation, and is located within walking distance of two primary schools. The town centre will also be connected to three MRT stations and a bus interchange. In addition, it will have a sports centre and community club, and is near two primary schools.

The Reserve Residences Bukit Timah will be located near the Botanic Gardens, Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also close to many great schools and transportation. As part of the Orchard Road belt, it is convenient for families. However, the Reserve Residences Bukit Timah isn’t suitable for everyone. This condominium is most suitable for families with children.

The Reserve Residences Bukit Timah is conveniently located near the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, a popular shopping and entertainment district. The Bukit Timah MRT station is nearby, and the condo is well connected to public transportation. For those who love nature, this is an ideal place to live. For those looking for affordable units near the city, The Reserve Residences might be a good choice.

This condo is expected to undergo substantial changes. The new Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub area, which is near the former German European School, will house commercial outlets, a hawker centre, and a community hub. In addition to that, there will be an MRT station within a few minutes’ walk. The Reserve Residences Bukit Timah is located in a prime location, where transportation is convenient and affordable.

Tengah EC is a new estate that sits on 2.2 hectares of land. It will contain 615 units on a site that measures 22,020 square meters. It’s located near the proposed car-free town center and is within walking distance of three MRT stations on the yet-to-be-built Jurong Region Line. It’s near Jurong East, a popular shopping district with a variety of restaurants, retail, and other amenities.

This new development is located near the central business district, so you can enjoy conveniences like the Jurong Innovation District, which is home to many leading companies. Tengah Garden EC is also close to Jurong Lake District, which is the second largest central business district outside of the city center. It’s a fantastic place to live if you’re looking for a quieter neighborhood with less noise.

The smart home features of Tengah EC are a part of the lifestyle of the upcoming Evergreen Forest Town, a city that is set to be the pioneer for nature-themed metropolis living. The community will integrate nature-friendly features into its design, including automated waste collection and smart energy management. The homes are also fully eco-friendly, with green roofs and rainwater collection systems. The smart home features are integrated seamlessly with the theme of the town.

Its eco-friendly nature is another selling point, with a modern public transport system and extensive green belts. Tengah EC homes also boast a hybrid of private condo and HDB properties. However, these homes are available to Singaporeans only, and there are eligibility criteria that you must fulfil in order to be eligible. Listed below are the features of the Tengah EC Smart Home.

The development is near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which is ideal for recreation. It is within walking distance of the nature reserve, which has a wide variety of recreational facilities. The Eco-Condos are hybrids between private condos and HDB flats, and are available only to Singaporeans. In addition, they are only for couples, so buyers must be Singaporeans or foreigners. This development is expected to attract both investors and buyers alike.

Lake Life EC is a new and upcoming Lake Life EC right beside right beside Japanese Garden in the Jurong area. Being located a short drive away from Lakeside MRT Station, it represents a prime location for a secluded and serene lifestyle right in the heart of Jurong.

The Tampines EC master plan proposes new neighbourhood parks, which will reduce the urban heat. There will also be a new multi-purpose hall, which will serve as a convenient venue for community functions and social gatherings. The EC is near Tampines MRT station. Moreover, it is located near a supermarket and an IKEA. The upcoming development will add to the local community’s lifestyle amenities.

The prime location of Tampines EC makes it a desirable place for families to live. It is located near several good schools located in Tampines Town. This makes it easier for parents to schedule their time and leave the house early. In addition, children do not have to worry about getting lost or being late for school. Furthermore, they can budget their time by walking to school. This is also an environmentally-friendly option for parents.

Tampines EC offers many amenities. The Tampines Eco Green Park is a prime spot for children to run around. There are many good schools in the vicinity, which will make the lives of parents easier. The convenience of living near schools will allow parents to schedule time and not worry about rushing to pick up their kids. Additionally, parents will not have to deal with traffic and long queues. Besides, walking to school will help kids budget their time.

The Tampines EC is near three MRT stations – Simei, Expo and Tampines. There is also a future extension of the Downtown Line, which will provide more convenience to the residents. The EC is near most of the shopping malls in the area, including the Festival Walk and Our TI Hub. They are also convenient to take to work and school. These are all excellent reasons to live in the EC.

The EC is located near several popular shopping areas, including the East Point Mall, Changi City Point, and Waterview. The district is also close to Pasir Ris MRT station. The EC is located near Tampines North Primary School, Dunman Secondary School, and Gongshang Primary School. It also has a community centre for children. All of these features make this a prime location for family life.

The Tampines EC is located near the Tampines Hub, an integrated community hub in the Tampines area. It was mooted in 2011, and the project was completed in 2016; it had its grand opening in January 2017. Its location makes it convenient to travel to all parts of Singapore. This region is home to various shops. If you are looking for a residential property in the area, there are three major shopping centres within the area.

The Tampines Eco-Green Park is a popular location for residents. The park has many amenities. It is a great place for families and is close to the Pasir Ris MRT station. It is also a convenient commute to work. As a result, the Tampines EC is an ideal place for families. The area is a central location, and residents can expect to find housing near the city’s amenities.

The Tampines EC is home to several parks. It is also near the new Tampines MRT station. The area is accessible by public transportation. By 2024, the entire island will be connected by the Thomson East Coast Line. But until then, the line will only serve the East coast. The tampines MRT will provide access to the Changi MRT. Its proximity to the new train interchange will be convenient for residents of the EC.

The Tampines EC is a regional centre in Singapore. It is surrounded by numerous financial and multinational companies. More than 84,200 residents are employed. In 2020, this figure will be a third of the total workforce. As a result, the region is a hotspot for business and residential development. This is a popular choice for those who want to live in the city. The area is accessible by public transportation.

The EC is located near the Tampines MRT station. The EC is home to a large portion of the population in the East. Besides being an employment hub, the area is a hub for recreational and commercial activity. It is an EC with a very high demand for residential and commercial properties. The new EC is expected to be completed in April 2021. There is a large number of retail outlets nearby.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has closed a tender for two residential plots in the Blossoms Condo Buona Vista, dubbed Slim Barracks Rise. The winning bid is S$320.1 million, which is higher than most property consultants’ estimates. Both plots are 99-year leasehold sites. The projects will be a part of the one-north estate’s expansion efforts.

The plot at Blossoms is slated to include 165 units, priced at an average of $550,000 psf. The development is located near the One-north interchange, One-North train station, and the Gateway. The project is located on a vacant parcel that overlooks a large, empty lot. This condo is set to be finished in September 2019 and will feature luxurious units with high-end amenities.

The developer of Blossoms Condo, EL Development, won the tender for the project’s first phase, the Slim Barracks Rise. The project will be a 99-year leasehold development and is expected to sell at a 30% premium over One-North Residences, which completed in 2009.

In addition to HDB upgraders, the new Bukit Batok EC project is also set to cater to the growing demand for private housing. The only private residential project in the area was Le Quest, which debuted in August 2017. The new Bukit Batok EC is expected to receive at least 10 bids and the highest bidder will pay between $630 and $661 per sq ft per plot ratio. However, as this is a new project, it is not guaranteed to sell out quickly.

The bukit batok EC will span an area of around 12,449.3 square meters and have a maximum gross floor area (GFA) of 37,348 square metres. The development will be home to approximately 375 units. The project is located at Bukit Batok, a mature estate with established schools and retail centres. In addition to its proximity to Bukit Batok MRT Station, the development also has a central park and is expected to be ready for occupation within two years.

The development is located in a prime location in the city-centre, a 10-minute walk from Bukit Batok MRT station. The site is also close to future high-rise residential sites and the Bukit Batok Hillside Park. However, this location is not ideal for families as it is surrounded by busy residential streets. If you are looking for an affordable place to buy, then the Bukit Batok EC may not be the best option for you.

There are several great perks to owning a Yishun EC in at the Yishun MRT Station and in the North of Singapore. The Yishun Executive Condo is a fully-stocked, fully-equipped condominium complete with all of the modern conveniences of home. This is one of the newest development in Singapore, which will soon be reaching full capacity with the impending launch of the Yishun Ring Road subway extension. The Yishun Executive offers a spacious, fully-equipped and luxurious Singapore condominium with a range of common amenities such as: two swimming pools with saltwater and fresh water, a gymnasium with a steam room, a swimming pool, an executive lounge, meeting rooms, a restaurant, a banquet hall and a shopping centre. There are several more perks to owning a Yishun Executive Condo at Yishun MRT Station inside the North of Singapore.

The Yishun EC mall offers two main public transport facilities to use on the way to and from the mall. The east-west line of the train station has numerous service provider buses that will take you from the Yishun International Market to the Yishun MRT Station. The west-east monorail also runs along the length of the train station and connect directly with the Yishun International Market and the Yishun Shopping Centre. Another major public transportation facility is the East-west Linking Bus. This bus can also take you from the Yishun MRT Station to the shopping centres located near the mall.

The Yishun Executive Condomium is located right in the heart of the central business district of Singapore. It has become a popular destination for tourists as it offers them an all-inclusive holiday experience. It is located right in the heart of the Yishun Park Shopping Mall and is one of the busiest malls in the whole city. The mall features several restaurants and hotels that offer great cuisines and dishes. Apart from eating and shopping, the mall also features a movie theatre and a shopping centre.

Yishun EC near The Yishun Centre is an integrated transport hub that offers several facilities to the residents of Yishun. This includes a local bus interchange, a shopping mall, a bus terminal, a Yishun Shopping Complex, a Yishun Ln and a Yishun MRT station. The shopping mall offers a wide range of branded stores and a variety of restaurants. The bus terminal offers the facility of intercity buses to the residents of the surrounding communities.

Yishun EC Yishun Integrated Transport Hub is an attractive mall which offers easy access to many local businesses. The shopping hub is situated on Yishun Avenue between Yishun Ln and Yishun St. The shopping centre also features several eating places and a bus terminal. The bus terminal is easily located near the Yishun MRT Station. The centre is conveniently located near the Yishun Business Park and the Yishun Eco-Atom factory.

Yishun EC at Northpoint City Shopping Centre is a mega mixed-use commercial centre in Yishun and Sheeram local areas. It attracts tourists from all over the world for its wide selection of retail stores, restaurants and cafes. The mall has seven indoor stores, seven outdoor shops and one car hire depot. It is adjacent to the Yishun MRT station and the newly built Yishun MRT station is expected to be finished in 2021. It is in close proximity to the YMCA clubhouse and the Sing Holding Real Estate developer has plans for an eight-story tower across the mall.

Northpoint City Shopping Centre is a shopping centre in Yishun, Singapore located within walking distance to the YMCA. It has a one-hour bus transfer from Northpoint City Shopping Centre to the YMCA. It is located within walking distance of the Yishun International Airport, the major commercial and recreational centre in north Singapore. The shopping centres are strategically located within walking distance of the major residential areas and convenient to access from the MRT station.

Yishun Integrated Transport Hub (ITC) located near to Yishun EC has been one of the projects undertaken by Singhold Real Estate developer Yishun Properties. The project, which is currently underway, is aimed at enhancing the connectivity between Yishun MRT Station and the Central Business District (CBD) of Yishun City. The planned linkages and the associated transport infrastructure, such as the Yishun MRT Station and the Yishun Commercial Street are part of the integrated project. The result will be a complete overhaul of Yishun City’s transport system, which will serve the growing population of this fast-growing city.

One of the important developments in Yishun EC bid is the development of Yishun Integrated Transport Hub, which is situated at the proposed site of Yishun MRT Station. This project has multiple benefits for Yishun, which include the creation of a new commercial centre in the middle of Yishun City. This will also provide easy access to the major business centres of Yishun and Northpoint City. This new commercial area is expected to increase the mall rents and will attract a large number of local and foreign visitors to the mall. According to Singhold real estate developer, Yishun resident and mall owner, Andrew Chung, the development will increase the value of his property and create more foot traffic to his mall.

There are many malls in north Singapore. However, the success of Yishun Shopping Centre and its adjacent malls, such as the Singapore River Walk and the Yishun MRT Station, has been instrumental in pushing the demand of retail rentals in north Singapore. The success of Yishun MRT has led to the growth of Singlish town and the construction of an upcoming retail mall in the area. The proposed mall is aimed at providing a first class shopping experience to its shoppers. The mall will offer a mix of international and local stores, along with exclusive brands, making it one of the trendiest malls in north Singapore.

Yishun integrated Transport Hub will feature some of the best retail shops in Singapore. Apart from the MRT stations, there will be a number of roads that will connect the various destinations of Yishun. The planned stretch of roads is expected to extend till Chingay, across the road from Yishun MRT Station. There will be a large number of multi-purpose vehicles, including trucks, taxis and bus services, in this commercial area. The food court will be located at the corner of Yishun Business Park, opposite the Yishun MRT Station. The plan is to build a one-stop food court, offering a wide range of international as well as national and local food.


Sellers are now more than happy to negotiate, it said. Notably, high-class residences have been hardest hit from the government’s various house cooling steps, together with asking prices dropping for 6 successive quarters. Inside the 3rd quarter of 2014, deluxe home asking prices fell 0.9 percent quarter-on-quarter, carrying out a 1.5 percent drop in Q2 2014. In the mean time, only 1 condo had been sold in Sentosa Cove in H1 2014, further showcasing the lack of sales in the high-end real estate property segment.

Lake Life EC Tao Ching

Lake Life EC comprises of 5 blocks and 546 units and has a total height of 20 storeys. Located beside Taman Jurong Shopping Centre as well as a short walk away from Jurong Stadium, many of the facilities in the area are within a short walk from Lake Life EC. For movie goers, there are plenty of choices to choose from in the Jurong East area. Lake Life EC represents a unique city living lifestyle for your family and love ones.Eugene Lim, KEO at ERA Realty thinks the rental prices to decrease an additional five to six percent drop by year end. Nicholas Mak, Research Head at SLP International expects a 4-6 percent drop. For the longer term, Christine Li, Research Head at OrangeTee, is expecting a drop of around 10% by end-2015. Real estate property agents attribute the challenge to less than normal demand due to a shortage of renters. The truth is, land lords already have lessened the rental prices to be able to compete for renters, whose figures are generally limited stemming from lower number of foreign workers.

For nature lovers, the Japanese Garden presents an opportunity for your family and friends to gather in the serene nature by the lakeside. The Jurong Gold Course is also just around the corner to have a round of gold with your business partners and associates.

There are also many facilities available in Lake Life EC which include a swimming pool, gym, tennis court, outdoor fitness area, function room and BBQ pits around the development. For home owners who prefer to stay in their condos instead of hanging out in the shopping centres, Lake Life EC presents an opportunity to entertain your friends & guests in the comfort of their own homes.

Jurong Terminus at Jurong Country Club

A large number of analyst feel that the selling prices will certainly increase as desire among property investors stays robust. Property analysts pointed that real estate selling prices drop is the general insufficient interest . Despite slow growth within the Singapore property market, professionals views that there is still properties in Singapore that remains worth taking a look. Here are a few suggestions and strategies for real estate professionals with regards to advertise home in spite of the current market place conditions. We ought to present an posting just for this information with relation to XXXXX before long.

Sellers are now more than happy to negotiate, it said. Notably, high-class residences have been hardest hit from the government’s various house cooling steps, together with asking prices dropping for 6 successive quarters. Inside the 3rd quarter of 2014, deluxe home asking prices fell 0.9 percent quarter-on-quarter, carrying out a 1.5 percent drop in Q2 2014. In the mean time, only 1 condo had been sold in Sentosa Cove in H1 2014, further showcasing the lack of sales in the high-end real estate property segment.

General Weaker views on the property outlook and the potential for even more decrease in prices will limit the number of sales transactions quantities inside the private housing market, said ERA. The report highlighted the authorities’ reluctance to unwind the home and property cooling measures especially the TDSR during this period, interested investors continuing to undertake a laid back approach and rosier investment opportunities abroad as examples of the factors maintaining purchasing appeal down. From the resale market, while many units are already selling more realistically, there are home sellers planning to hold off until such time as current market conditions are more constructive.Conversely, need for new projects is predicted to hold up better as developers have more agencies to list projects strategically and creatively to draw in real estate investors.

Lake Life EC

Transport options available at Lake Life EC are unparalleled. Located off Yuan Ching Road and Coporation Road, cabs and buses are aplenty around these roads and this makes Lake Life EC a choice location for your next home. Lake Life EC is located a short distance away from Lakeside MRT Station. Travelling to various parts of Singapore via MRT is therefore very convenient and at your finger tips. For car owners, the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), Is just a short drive away for you to travel to other parts of Singapore.

Lake Life EC is also located near very famous institutions in Singapore such as Yuvabharathi International School, Hua Yi Secondary School and St. Anthony’s Primary School.

Preview for Lake Life EC is coming soon. Please do register your interest for showflat viewing.

Other Launches


8 St Thomas Walk Bukit Sembawang Estates is a new development located at 8 St Thomas Walk. 8 St Thomas is close to 313 Somerset and the Orchard Shopping District.

Please see Midwood Condo which is a new development by Hong Leong Holdings. Midwood Condo is near to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and site plan to know more about the development.

For latest city centre developments, please kindly take a look at Midtown Gardens which is located next to Bugis MRT Station. Midtown Gardens Condo is a new development by Guocoland.

The Tapestry New Development at Tampines Avenue 10 by City Developments Limited. The Tapestry is located near to Changi Airport.

Please also see new development Bukit Timah Collection freehold condo which is the former Royalville by Allgreen Properties. Bukit Timah Collection is near to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Twin Vew Jurong is a new project at West Coast Vale. China Construction is the developer for Twin Vew West Coast Vale.

Piermont Grand EC Sumang Walk is a new development that is located in Punggol and is located near to My Waterway@Punggol. The development is by City Developments Limited and close to the city. Piermont Grand is an Executive Condominium that is waterfront facing that is for the privileged class. There is also a CPF Housing Grant for 1st timers who are eligible.

More info on The Antares can be found here. The Antares Condo at Mattar Road is a new development located in the heart of Mattar MRT Station by FSKH Development.

Fourth Avenue Residence Allgreen Properties Near to Bukit Timah. Fourth Avenue Residences is a highly sought after development in the Bukit Timah Residential Estate.

Bukit 828 Upper Bukit Timah Road is a new development by Roxy Pacific Holdings. Bukit 828 is near to Bukit Panjang MRT Station.

Daintree Residence Jurong is a new development by S P Setia near to the Jurong Central Business District.

The Verandah Residences Colonial House is a new development by Oxley Holdings at Pasir Panjang Road. The Verandah Residences is avail for viewing soon.

Le Quest 99 Years leasehold condo at Bukit Batok West Avenue 6. Le Quest is near to Mega Malls such as Big Box as well as Jurong West Shopping Centres

Artra Condo – Artra Condo Redhill MRT by Tang Group of Companies. Near to Tiong Bahru Plaza and Valley Point Shopping Centre

Office Rents to Surpass Pre-pandemic Peak in 3Q2022 by JLL

Quality A workplace leas in the CBD expanded by 2.7% q-o-q in 2Q2022 to get to $10.74 psf per month, according to a JLL workplace record launched on June 29. This marks a fifth successive quarter of development, as well as the largest development given that leas rebounded in 2Q2021.

Workplace leas have actually now recouped to just 0.6% below the pre-pandemic height of $10.81 psf, according to JLL.

The solid performance throughout the quarter was underpinned by climbing company self-confidence and the relaxation of risk-free administration actions, as all employees were permitted to return to the workplace from April 26.

” Expansions and also new set-ups much eclipsed workplace downsizing, resulting in 2Q2022 web absorption of CBD Grade An office space– at 0.6 million sq ft– getting to the highest possible in 17 quarters, notes Tay Huey Ying, JLL Singapore’s head of study and working as a consultant. Therefore, office job prices fell by 1.8 percentage points to 6.8%.

The Marina Bay sub-market clocked the highest possible q-o-q growth in rents in 2Q2022 at 3.4%, underpinned by the proceeded flight-to-quality fad driven by an expanding emphasis on staff member health and health.

Andrew Tangye, head of office leasing and advisory at JLL, highlights that the tightening up supply and increasing rents for quality CBD office space are triggering more occupiers to devote to forward rents to secure area and rents. This increased pre-commitment rates for Guoco Midtown, arranged to be completed at the end of 2022, and IOI Central Boulevard Towers, scheduled to be completed by October 2023.

Looking ahead, JLL anticipates office leas to more expand in the 2nd fifty percent of the year, although Tay warns that geopolitical and financial uncertainties could wet inhabitant need as well as moderate growth. Nonetheless, provided the limited supply, she expects rental fees could breach the pre-pandemic peak of $10.82 psf pm within the following quarter, while full-year rental development can potentially increase the 4.3% clocked in 2021.

” Gross rents are likewise under upward stress from inflationary costs faced by landlords,” Tangye includes.

On the capital markets front, the positive workplace leasing market activity has actually sustained demand for workplace properties amidst current international problems, notes Ting Lim, JLL Singapore’s head of funding markets.

Investors have dedicated a total amount of $4.7 billion right into Singapore workplace possessions in 1H2022, just 8.6% except the $5.2 billion spent for the whole of 2021. JLL highlights that workplace financial investment deals in 2Q2022 were driven by assets outside the CBD, a variance from previous patterns. A total of $2.5 billion in 2Q2022 office transactions were for possessions outside the CBD, standing for near to 97% of overall workplace financial investment this quarter.

Financiers have dedicated a total amount of $4.7 billion right into Singapore office possessions in 1H2022, just 8.6% short of the $5.2 billion spent for the whole of 2021. JLL highlights that workplace investment deals in 2Q2022 were driven by possessions outside the CBD, an inconsistency from past trends. A total amount of $2.5 billion in 2Q2022 workplace deals were for assets outside the CBD, representing close to 97% of complete workplace financial investment this quarter.

Tampines EC at Tampines MRT Station Near to Tampines Central

There are two EC projects in the vicinity of Tampines EC. The first is located near the Topiary condo development and has a maximum GFA of 47,964 square metres. The second project will be at Tampines Street 62, a mainly residential street which leads into Tampines Link. This project could yield 595 units and is expected to launch in Q3 2020. Those living here are close to the schools such as Tampines North Primary School, Gongshang Primary School, and Dunman Secondary School.

The nearest malls are Our Tampines Hub and Tampines Shopping Street. The latter is 150m away. Koufu runs 872C Tampines, a food centre with a variety of eateries. It also houses a Fairprice supermarket and several fast-food outlets. The mall is also connected to the MRT, with a Downtown Line station located right at the rear. Residents can explore the amenities of this upcoming mall in their free time.

Tampines EC is a 99-year leasehold new launch condo in District 18 and is located near the Downtown and Central Business District. It will launch in 2020. Early-birds can register for a VVIP sneak preview and Early-Bir Discount Promotion. In the meantime, buyers can get ready for the EC project when it launches in 2020. While waiting for the development to open, you can still reserve a unit.

The MRT station will be located at Tampines Ave 4 in the near future. It will be near the newly opened Tampines Secondary School and Junyuan Primary School. A train station will also be constructed near the new train station in Tampines West. This will make transport to Changi much easier for residents of the Tampines EC. A future MRT station will bring convenience to those who live here.

The school district near Tampines EC is highly desirable for its proximity to the town center and many schools in Tampines Town are within walking distance. Parents can easily schedule time and walk their kids to school. By walking, parents can save time on getting to work and dropping their kids off. Moreover, there are no traffic jams and long queues at the school. It’s a hassle-free way to commute for those living in the area.

The nearest MRT station is Tampines Central. This station is located at the junction of Tampines Avenue 6 and Tampines Avenue 10. The bus interchange is located at the corner of Tampines Ave 6 and Tampines Ave 2. Hence, residents living in Tampines can easily access the city centre via public transport. However, the amenities at Tampines EC are not all that convenient. They can also benefit from the proximity of the major shopping centres.

The location is also ideal for those looking to commute to the city. The Tampines EC is expected to be completed in 2020 and is conveniently located within walking distance of Tampines MRT station. In addition to the proximity to the town centre, the Tampines EC is also close to the city center. If you’re a businessperson, the regional center is convenient for work. Its location makes it an ideal place for a thriving community.

Several shopping malls are located in the Tampines EC. The Giant hypermart and supermarket are already located there. In addition, the development will feature a movie theater. The upcoming Boulevard Park will also feature several neighbourhood parks. Aside from these, the Tampines EC is located close to the city’s commercial core. The RC’s amenities will be accessible for everyone. Those in the area can also take advantage of its thriving business environment.

The Tampines EC is a new luxury executive condominium located in the town centre of Tampines. The EC is one of the most anticipated projects in Tampines town and will be one of the first ECs in the east since 2012. The Tampines EC will be located along Tampines Street 62, which will provide convenient access to amenities. You will be able to walk or cycle to the mall without any hassle.

This new EC is located at the Tampines EC. It is close to a variety of commercial facilities and a shopping centre. It is near several good schools and an MRT station. To buy a new executive condominium, contact Parc Central Realty on 91822516. The EC is in a prime location of Singapore, making it convenient for those who work and play there. It also has excellent access to the city.

New Developments Vs Old Developments

There is a growing tendency these days for developers to go with the new developments in architecture, instead of the old. Most of the old developments are considered “legacies” by most of the architects, who prefer to go with the new developments in architecture. What are some of the main arguments against going with the new? We’ll look at some of them here.

Old buildings have a habit of deteriorating over time, even though most of the technology is supposed to make this process easier. Over time, the internal working can become less efficient, and more maintenance needs to be done on the structure. This means that the building can’t last as long as it should – and that’s what the new build development company is looking for. An older building also has the burden of being more difficult to heat, cool or ventilate. These added costs add up, especially when there are many other new developments going up around the area.

One major argument against new developments is that the newer buildings aren’t environmentally-friendly. New buildings use a lot of energy to create the heat and light that they draw from the sun, and this adds up over time. This isn’t a major concern right now, but the effects will start to become apparent over time. In addition, many new buildings aren’t designed to take the heat and UV rays well, meaning that you may need to get your air conditioner and windows installed further outside. New developments are not designed to deal with changes in weather as easily.

A big disadvantage to having a new development built is the fact that the maintenance costs can be very high. New constructions tend to be much larger than old structures, which means that they have to hire a lot more workers to keep them up and running. They also have to pay for a lot more restoration work, because older buildings tend to deteriorate quickly. If they don’t have to worry about these sorts of things, then you can be guaranteed that a new building will cost you substantially more money than an old one. On top of the initial construction costs, you’ll need to put money into paying off the mortgage, property taxes, and other legal fees.

Another advantage of new build developments is that they tend to replace an older structure with a newer, more modern one. Old structures are typically not replaced because their functionality is no longer needed. For example, if an office complex needs to be built, then there’s no need to tear down an old building and build a new one. Instead, the old structure is demolished and a new structure is built in its place. That’s why new developments can often replace an older one with a more modern and effective design.

There are several disadvantages to new developments Vs old developments in the area of climate change. One of the biggest disadvantages of new development projects is that they aren’t flexible enough to cope with unexpected changes. As a result, when the weather is especially hot or extremely cold, new development developments can experience delays in opening up for business. Even if the weather doesn’t change by the time the project opens, a new development won’t be able to open until the new season begins, which could be several months into the future.

Old developments aren’t as flexible when it comes to design. New structures are usually constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, hurricanes, and blizzards. Because of this, old buildings can’t withstand tornadoes and other strong wind winds. When these conditions occur, new structures are often damaged during repair efforts.

Of course, new developments can also be harmful to the environment when they are built without necessary upgrades. A new development should include energy efficient appliances, including high efficiency heaters. Old developments aren’t designed to handle high levels of electricity, so their heating and cooling systems have to work even harder to keep a building warm or cool. This causes additional costs for the owner when it comes time to pay the utility bill.


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